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 About the Classes

Pearll Yoga offers one virtual class weekly:

* Yoga Flow for a mindful, moving practice, is offered every Thursday night from 6:00-7:15   pm EST  (class available beginning February 2nd 2023). This class is available on Zoom to DASI staff and clients. 

* Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra offers a deeper, more reflective practice that invites an exploration of feelings and sensations that arise when we find ourselves holding poses for a longer period of time,  followed by a delicious Yoga Nidra  (think of the most relaxing vacation ever, without leaving your mat!) This class is available on Zoom to DASI staff and clients.

(Available the last Thursday of every month beginning February 23rd, 2023)

* Pearll Yoga currently offers one in-person class weekly to DASI staff and clients at 3:00pm on Thursdays

Pearll Yoga in-person class at Quantum Journey Studio in Sussex NJ

Mindful Movement Yoga: Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

This mixed level practice utilizes meditation, both vinyasa flow and long-held asanas, as well as yoga nidra techniques to release the areas of the body that hold on to stress and tension.  Pranayama, mudras and mantras may be introduced