Meet the Cats

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Each month we will share one of the kitties' stories with you

This month's featured cat is Pickles

Pickles: Chapter 1
Pickles was a feral cat who appeared at our window one cold late autumn evening. His arrival was announced by the hissing and pounding of our cats as they flew at the glass, none too pleased to see a vagrant on their doorstep. My first thought when I viewed Pickles through the living room window was, "that is the angriest looking cat I have ever seen". Pickles looked like he hated the world, Everything about his demeanor said, "DON'T touch me or else."I didn't think too much more about the large angry yellow cat with the large angrier looking gash on the side of his face. We often get neighborhood cats coming through, strays and ferals that show up for awhile and then disappear. We were at our max cat-pacity at the time, with 11 cats sharing our home and our hearts, all but 1 of whom was a rescue or foster-fail. For the life of me, I can't seem to remember how or why I started putting food out on our back stoop. I do remember seeing cat paw prints in the snow in our driveway and on our back porch, but what inspired me to put food out, I don't recall. I wasn't sure who was eating the cat food that I was putting out. I think I assumed it was a neighbor's cat. I never saw who was eating it, I was just left with a clean plate each morning. As time went on, I would worry if the morning dawned and the plate hadn't been cleaned. A day or two might go by with the food untouched. I would assume our visitor had moved on, but then, sure enough, the food would be gone again. This continued for months, without me ever catching sight of our visitor. I even remember hoping that I wasn't feeding an industrious neighborhood skunk. And then I saw him.